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The Kingdom of Venzola's Borders are OPEN!   The Kingdom of Venzola is accepting applications for membership. It is a Bedrock Edition SMP server with RPG elements in which you fill the shoes of a citizen of the Kingdom. You may choose to be a warrior, protecting the Kingdom from monsters, a blacksmith, crafting gear for the people, a merchant collecting wares to peddle; you can choose to be almost anything you want to be!   We have a Discord server where all updates, announcements and rules can be found and a good community along with that. To join the server you must APPLY on our Discord server after reaching the required level. All the specific rules and details are on Discord. Server Features: -Custom currency, the Venzolan Quibble -This is the only acceptable currency for the Shopping District -Drops from monsters! -Ender Dragon loot drops: -Elytra, with the possibility of it having Unbreaking -Dragon head -5-10+ Quibble -0-18+ Dragon Breath -Black Shulker box -1 Player Sleep: Only one person online needs to sleep to make it day. -Increased shulker shell drop rate -Shopping District and Player Village: -Build a house in the village and become a part of the growing community -Many public farms including -A double Blaze farm -Guardian farm -Drowned/Skelly farm -Shapeless Bread, Shulker box and Paper crafting -Rotten Flesh to Leather via Furnace and Campfire -Coal/Charcoal makes Black Dye -Horse Armor can be crafted -Dangerous sewer dungeon below a section of the Kingdom -Thunder Shrine COMING SOON More features and info are available on the Discord server. How To Apply:   To apply you must join the Discord server and assign yourself a role and be 15+. After that you can go to #rules-and-application, where you will find and read ALL the posted information before applying. You must also reach the required level in Discord to apply. You can DM me there if you have any further questions! Message @SCrEamIngXaLIEn#6471 on Discord for a link to the rules and application requirements. I'm eager to go through your applications and build a thriving Kingdom!

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