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SALVE PEREGRINNI, WELCOME TO THE ETERNAL CITY, THE GREAT CITY OF ROME. HOME OF VIRTUOUS WOMAN AND HONEST MEN. WHERE THE SENATE AND THE PEOPLE OF ROME RESIDES. We are civilization in making, blessed by IVPITER OPTIMUS MAXIMUS, divinely ordained by IUNO, rained riches by PLUTOUN. In this dangerous wilderness of the world we offer you a shared identity of our proud nation, join us in the work of ever expanding Rome. As was the glorious Rome we are a proud republic with a working government system modelled after her real life counterpart. I swear an oath to Jove that as the first consul of Rome I will ensure the era of peace, prosperity and stability as we are all ,with no exception, equal under the table of law. You all aspiring citizen will have vote in the matter of state in the senate house, propose laws, appeal to the consul, elect a magistrate! I myself as the chief architect will provide you tirelessly with my hand firm upon the dirt the infrastructure nescessarry to ensure the working if the state. Under the republic every citizen is provisioned food and tool every week for them either to enrich themselves or better yet, to engage in trade happening around the republic with a working economic system. The consul too will appoint legates to spread Romes splendor and her arm across the world. You will be given land to settle, to thrive in ever growing civilization. It is said that the greatest pleasure a Roman can achieve is a plot of land and a shovel to make it. Oppose Rome or harm any of her citizen and she will not forgive you until your body rots along the wall or your hand shrivel in the mine. Thus I implore you people, Join Rome in spreading her graceful hand across the world, build a civilization that will stand the test of time, achieve a common goal in creating a world of everlasting peace, prosperity, justice and ORDER!!

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